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Information on Personal Injury and Tort Claims

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Hawaii personal injury law firms and other resources

Hawaii Injury Lawyer, Hawaii Wrongful Death Attorney Wm Lawson
Hawaii Injury Lawyer- for Catastrophic Injuries and Wrongful Death- William Lawson- over 30 years experience as a Hawaii Injury Attorney.

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Attorney Websites for Personal Injury Lawyers in other states

Florida Personal Injury Lawyer
Lawyers at Products-Law have successfully sued the manufacturers of numerous products whose negligence has caused injury or death.

Aloha from Hawaii Personal Injury Lawyer

Other Legal Resources in other states

Litigation Support Services
High Impact Litigation offers nationwide Litigation Support Services.Our team of degreed graphic designers, medical illustrators, and animators is nationally known for creating dramatic presentations that get results.<

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Personal injury lawyer directories and other resources

Personal Injury Lawyer Network - Accident Lawyers in Hawaii and throughout the US
Accident Lawyers and Personal Injury Attorneys for Auto Accidents, Defective Products, Ocean accidents, Construction injuries, Electrical Accidents and more.

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If you just want to send a quick email to attorney Lawson to have him consider your case, please provide him with the preliminary information listed below about your accident and the injuries. To get a free initial consultation with Personal Injury Lawyer Hawaii:

1. During business hours (Hawaii time), you are strongly encouraged to call us (1) on the New Client Hotline at 808-524-5300, (2) on our Waipahu, Aiea and Pearl City number at 808-671-7600 or (3) on our main office number at 808-528-2525, at Suite 2902 of Century Square, 1188 Bishop Street in Honolulu, Hawaii 96813. You should be promptly connected with a New Client Intake Specialist (Sheri) who will take down information about your claims for further consideration by Mr. Lawson. Our office hours are M-F - 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (except holidays) - Hawaii Standard time).

2. However, if your new client contact is outside regular office hours (Hawaii Standard Time), if you cannot reach anyone by phone after calling one (1) of the numbers above, or if you simply prefer to contact us by email, then you have the option to try to reach Mr. Lawson on his cell phone at 808-542-1166 or you may try to send an email William H. Lawson, Hawaii Personal Injury Attorney to us. Click on the following link and fill out an email Email William H. Lawson, Personal Injury Lawyer Hawaii.

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Please include (1) your correct contact information (email, phone number and mailing address), (2) the date of your accident, (3) how the accident occurred and (4) a description of the injuries. (You can cut and paste the foregoing into your email.) Once the email is completed, please submit it for further consideration. Please provide us with all of the preliminary information requested above about you, the accident and the injuries.

Please tell us if you are contacting a Hawaii personal injury attorney on behalf of someone other than yourself and, if so, please advise us of your relationship to person on whose behalf you are acting. Please submit your email after you are done composing it and, once it is received, Brain Injury Lawyer Hawaii will contact you for a free, no obligation consultation.

If you submit your information, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to be assistance.

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Car Accidents- Hawaii - Defective Products Liability- Hawaii
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Medical Malpractice & Professional Negligence- Hawaii
Dog Bites & Animal Attacks- Hawaii Insurance Claims- Hawaii
Construction & Heavy Equipment Accidents- Hawaii

Hawaii Personal Injury and Accident Law
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With proper foundation, the Hawaii courts recognize that a personal injury damage award should adequately compensate for actual losses sustained - past, present or future. "[D}ifficulties often arise in ascertaining... what sum will produce adequate compensation." The duty of juries in such cases is "to draw reasonable and probable inferences from the facts and circumstances in evidence and "to form, under proper instructions from the court, such reasonable and probable estimate, as in the exercise of good sense and sound judgment ... will produce adequate compensation." "There is no sound reason ... for throwing any part of the loss upon the injured party.". Coney v. Lihue Plantation Co., 39 Haw. 129 (1951)

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